5 Easy Tips to Lose 10 Pounds in One Week



If you are looking for the best way to lose ten pounds in one week, you should choose the Military Diet because this diet utilizes both physical exercise and a healthy diet in order to lose the weight.  There are various versions of the Military Diet online and in books so if you need assistance with this diet, you can utilize these resources in order to be successful on this diet. You can ask friends who served in the military and inquire about the best way to use the military diet. With this kind of diet you will need to be committed and self-disciplined.

1. Start By Running Every Day

 This is an important part of the military diet because most persons who train for the military incorporate this exercise into their diets. You can run either during the early morning hours before work or in the afternoon hours after work for about fifteen to thirty minutes in your neighborhood or at the local park. When you run dsily, you burn some of the excess calories over a period of weeks.

2. Strength Training

 Strength training is an important part of the Military Diet because it helps you build muscle and the more muscle you have, the easier it becomes to lose weight. Some good strength training exercises include weightlifting, pilates, push-ups and sit-ups. You do not have to visit the gym to engage in strength training because if you have dumbbells and other types of equipment, you can do these exercises at home.

3. Eat Short Meals During The Day

 It will be harder to lose weight if you eat three big meals during the day because it slows down your metabolism rate and even if you burn some calories after eating these meals, it will not be enough to lose ten pounds in a week on the Military Diet. Start with a light breakfast of fruit salad and toast and then a few hours later you can eat Ramen noodles and shredded vegetables in broth. For dinner you can have grilled salmon and roasted vegetables.

4. Avoid White Carbs

 In order to be successful in the military diet, you should temporarily stay away from carbohydrates made from white flour because these foods contain high amounts of calories and it becomes harder for you to lose ten pounds in one week. If you like snacks, substitute dried fruits and nuts for them. Other healthy options include fat free flavored yogurt, whole grain crackers, and grilled fruits.

5. Increase Water and Sleep Intake

 To succeed in the military diet, you need to increase the amount of water you drink because water hydrates you and it eliminates unhealthy toxins out of your body. You also need six to eight hours of sleep daily because it allows your body to rest so that it can successfully operate in a way that causes weight loss. If you have trouble sleeping at night, exercise for an hour because this burns energy and you may fall asleep faster.


 The Military Diet is good for those who want to lose weight quickly but it does not mean that there is no effort involved. You will need to cut back on unhealthy foods and you should also increase your exercise levels. When you lose ten pounds in a week, you are able to feel confident and it may motivate you to adopt a more permanent healthy lifestyle.

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  • Posted: May 22, 2013 07:13

    ros hungyo

    hi m ros 4rm manipur m 23 yrs old m 65 kg m over weight now i cant control myself sumtimes i feel ashame in front of my fren ,even my lover told me to dieting bt i cant stop eating junk food . I try lots of slimming product bt no needs no help .m tired of thinking that wen i wil b slim wen i luk into da mirror my figure my body are so hopeless..,.plis admin give me sum advice thank u
  • Posted: August 10, 2013 07:08


    dear..u only have to do something that...1.start ur day with warm water with lime..n take this 3to4 times a day after 1 week u will definately see the result...2.try to skip dinner...dnt eat anythng in night if u feel hungry then drink only water...3.walk 45mins daily...i think my tips will help u dear...all the best dnt discourage urself jst keep on working this n dnt go to any gym this will destroy ur body shape
  • Posted: August 10, 2013 08:12

    Travon Williams

    Try Shaun T' s Hip Hop Abs or Insainty. 3 months of training. Im trying it, maybe you can too.