7 Beauty Tips from French Women



1. Use a face mask every week
French women love to be pampered and always have time to use a face mask. Sometimes you can be so busy that you cannot give your body the right amount of sleep, and your natural beauty will suffer if you do not find time for yourself. A high quality face mask can make your skin smooth and radiant, and it can help you stay fresh without using a lot of makeup.

2. Eat healthy food
When it comes to healthy skin, your healthy diet plays an important role. However, there are some foods you should emphasize to have perfect skin. Most French women eat properly: they do not skip meals, eat mostly seasonal foods and try to eat a healthy breakfast. No wonder they have such sculpted figures. If you want to have radiant skin, a healthy body and high energy levels, make sure you stick to a healthy diet.






3. Do not wash your hair every day
French women have beautiful hair because they do not wash it every day, and they try to keep their hair simple and chic. They do not use a lot of hair styling products. If you wash your hair every day, try to change this habit. Your hair will be healthier and more beautiful. Also avoid using too much hair styling products.

4. Forget the heavy makeup
Heavy makeup is always a bad idea as it clogs pores, which can lead to acne. Most French women do not use makeup (or so it seems). They love their naturally beautiful skin. There is nothing better than having a smooth face and you do not need cosmetic upgrades!

 Beauty Tips from French Women
Beauty Tips from French Women

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5. Always keep perfume in your purse

This advice may sound strange, but nowadays many women do not wear perfume or body spray. They use makeup to look beautiful but fail to use perfume, which helps them to maintain a great and fresh scent. There are many fantastic perfumeries in France as well as amazing perfumes. French women love perfumes and believe that every woman should smell wonderful.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE