Create a Heart-Shaped Princess Braid Hairstyle



No hairstyles is more appropriate for a princess than a romantic style that features braids. Not only are braids elegant and charming, but they can be shaped into many different hairstyles including this super romantic heart shaped do. This hairstyle should ideally be done with a friend, as it is rather complicated and difficult to complete if you cannot see everything clearly. Take turns and follow the tutorial closely and both you and your friend can have a princess heart braid style in no time. With just a comb, and elastic hair band and a touch of hairspray, you can create a style that is sure to attract the most handsome prince around.




Heart-Shaped Princess Braid Hairstyle
Heart-Shaped Princess Braid Hairstyle

Image Source: alldaychic

1. Part your hair down the center of your head.

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2. French braid each side down the side of your head while creating a soft curve over the ear and toward the back. These two braids will form the heart shape when viewed from the rear.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE