Crochet a Funky DIY Scarf



Scarves are hot in the fashion these days, no matter what the weather outside. Adding a funky handmade scarf to your wardrobe will add a touch of true style to your look. If you prefer something a bit more elegant, use more toned-down colors or specialty yarns. This pattern adapts to any style. Whether it is a balmy spring or frigid winter, take some time to spice up your old clothes with this fashionable accessory.


DIY Scarf

Materials Needed:

Crochet skills
Acrylic or other yarn – about 50g of different types
2.5 mm hook
A measuring line 15 cm long, which will be the width of your scarf
A long piece of cardboard with holes



Crochet a long chain in one color of the yarn to the length you want your scarf to be. About 400 stitches will give you a 170 cm scarf. Next, stick the hook through the chain stitch, grab the yarn above and pull it back through the link. Pull up the thread to form a loop. Use the cardboard as a guide. Work this way through the whole chain of yarn, being careful not to let the chain twist as you go.