Fruit Nail Art for Summer

Fruit Nail Art
Fruit Nail Art

Image Source: stepbystepartprojects

Kids and kids at heart always love to paint their nails. There are various designs and themes to choose from, but fruit nail art would be the best for this coming summer season. Imagine your nails having these tasty, juicy, and colorful fruits design on them! They would be perfect for your summer theme nails.

How to Make Fruit Nail Art

Use your creativity and imagination to achieve awesome fruit nail art designs and style. Play with colors, styles, and kinds of fruits to start with. The most common are strawberry, watermelon, apple, cherry, and pineapple designs. You can either have a fruit basket nail art or show your love for a specific fruit.




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Others would want their fruit nail art with embellishments or accentuated with glitters. Some paint their nails manually with the use of different nail art materials, brushes, and tools, but not everybody has the talent to do such delicate and detailed designs though; so, if you want yours to be extra expressive and looks like made by a professional nail artist, there are hundreds of ways and designs to consider that have fruits in it:….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE