How to Pedicure at Home


1. Steam Legs
To do this, take a hot bath for half an hour. The water should be warm, and adding a little soap is optional. It will benefit your legs if you use herbal additives. To moisturize the skin on the heels, add sea salt or any other organize herbal moisturizers. It helps if the basin keeps the water warm, as hot water can cool quickly without proper provisions.

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2. Remove Calluses
Using a pumice significantly helps with rough skin on the soles and heels of the feet. Apply delicately with the optional help of exfoliating tools. It’s important not to overdo it and take away too much skin, but leave everything smooth.

3. Rest
After the exfoliation, take a half-hour break to rest.

4. Push Cuticles
The smooth shape of the nails will be emphasized by managing the cuticles, but make sure not to cut excess skin, as it can cause infection.

5. Clip Nails
Cut toenails straight without curves to prevent the risk of them growing quickly. You should not cut them too short, because the protruding edge of the skin will rub on shoes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE