Top 10 Tips on How to Make Nail Polish Stay on Longer Nails


1. For longer stays on your nails, you need to apply a good base coat and then, after the principal painting, protective varnish. Applying rotective lacquer to painted nails every day will make them stay much longer.

2. A varnish with too thick a coat dries badly and easily peels off. Cover with one layer of nail polish and let dry completely. Only after this, apply a second coat. There are many polishes that do not require re-application. In this case, try to apply one coat of varnish, and exactly as many as needed for the desired color.





3. A third layer of varnish is the perfect way to ruin your manicure. Don’t do it.

4. Apply your nail polish in two different brush strokes: from the middle upwards and downwards.

5. Nail polish hardens within a couple of minutes, but it can take up to 2 hours to dry. If you painted your nails, you should not do any housework and wash dishes.

6. If you paint your nails the night before, wait a couple of hours before going to bed to avoid imprints from blankets and sheets. Do the same with pedicures and nail art to avoid traces from clothing.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE