Two Faced Makeup




Two faced makeup (too faced makeup) is a face palette that contains a wide selection of pigments that create a unique facial appearance. It has an assortment of eye shadows of high quality that help to give you a no-makeup appearance that is irresistibly beautiful. The palette is versatile and portable. Thus, you can apply it for many occasions to enhance your natural beauty, and you can take it wherever you go as a supplement for your facial look.

Two Faced Makeup
Two Faced Makeup

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This makeup collection can be combined with some products used for complexion, or it may be used alone to enhance your beauty. It comes with a guide on how to use it and how to apply different pigment techniques. Two faced makeup colors are easy to blend.

 Two Faced Makeup

The palette comes with brightener, concealer, luminizer, cream and powder cheek blush with a golden-bronze. Each of these essentials of two faced makeup palette has a specific application role. For example, cream and powder blush is toned cotton with matte-finish. The blush looks natural when applied on the cheek, and it mixes well. It softens the facial skin when applied.

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The golden-bronze is a pale creamy brown color veil with soft sheen ideal for fair complexions. It may not be perfect for other complexions such as dark. The veil is little powdery and soft on the face. The blush is toned cotton with a matte finish and silver shimmer. Its color is almost close to that one of the creams and powder blush in the two faced makeup palette. The pigmentation mixes well on the face to boost the facial look.

The concealer in a two faced makeup beauty collection is light-pale brown beige that is wet and creamy with sheer coverage. It takes time to dry when applied. It has a light shade that is ideal for eyelids and the under eye areas for more enhanced facial complexion. Luminizer also features in two faced makeup color collection. It is sheer and offer more shimmer touch. With its sheen, it is much better for application on the cheek. Brightener is pink-and-pale beige. It brightens the area of application to enhance the beauty. Its effects are even more compared to the effects of the concealer. It is creamy and thin.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE