White Makeup Pencil


White pencil is able to change the entire look in a single movement. It’s indispensable if you want to make a fashion makeover.

Make your eyelashes thicker

To make the eyes appear larger, to freshen up the look, add a sparkle and make eyelashes thicker, apply white pencil to the inner edge of the eyelid.


Create lines

White Makeup Pencil
White Makeup Pencil

Image Source: vk.com

You can create a variety of interesting options for the lines with a white pencil – both classic and futuristic.
When creating lines in the classical makeup, no matter what shade eyeliner pencil is used, white pencil can be an additional “tool” to make line boundaries clearer. To do this, white pencil is applied over the liner and then shaded.
Bold fashionistas can make a double line with a white pencil, tracing it over the black or colored eyeliner.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE