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Thanks to the enormous popularity of reality television shows such as Dancing With The Stars, more and more of us are thinking of taking up dance lessons and moving and shaking our hips. There is a good reason for this: Dancing is pretty much infectious, and when you watch the energy that dancers have, as well as the harmony and the fun they’re having, you feel as though you want some of it. And indeed dancing – whether at home or in a night club – is one of the most fun things you will ever do.

But as well as being tremendous fun, dancing also comes with a whole heap benefits. Let’s take a look at the top 10 advantages and health benefits of dancing.

Your Balance And Coordination Will Improve

Has someone ever told you that you have two left feet? Maybe people have accused you of being clumsy because you keep walking into them? It’s possibly because you lack coordination and balance. True story.

The great thing is that your balance and co-ordination can be improved, and dancing is a fantastic way to do it. At first, you might find it difficult. However, with practice your stability, coordination and balance will eventually improve. So, too, will your posture.

The result will be better poise and body control. No more will you be the person who staggers into the waitress in the restaurant, effectively spilling your partner’s meal!

You’ll Meet New People

There are, of course, many solitary pastimes that you could learn. For example, you could learn a new language, read epic novels, or perhaps pick up an instrument. But although these hobbies might enrich your life, they don’t present an interesting way of meeting new people.

Dancing does. When you go to dance classes, you will pair off with different partners, who are just as enthusiastic and as positive as you are. Dance classes entice us out of our shells, thrusting us together with new people who we can’t help but get to know.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE