10 Beauty Tips


There are plenty of ways to take advantage of daylight savings so that we can find a reason to maintain our beauty. The following are 10 beauty ideas that will help to sustain beauty and take advantage of that extra hour.

1. Take advantage of the bathroom

Use your bathroom and treat it more like a spa retreat. Purchase bath salts and face masks, take long baths and light some candles. Your new-found hour should be used in giving the face and body the desired love.






The luxurious face masks should always be used, taking an extra-long shower to help in transforming the bathroom into a good spa retreat.

2. Beautiful Hands

Use that extra hour to take care of your cuticles and hands. Cuticles will actually determine the health of nails, and how long they grow. Clean up the dry skin and oil cuticles on your hands and feet.

3. Spend time outdoors

Instead of performing a workout at the gym or inside, spend some time outdoors working out. Since it stays lighter, later there is an extra hour to go running or walking after getting off of work.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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