10 Beauty Tips


8. Nail creativity

With that extra hour, take some time to get creative with your nails. Whether you are giving yourself a simple manicure or you are performing nail art, it’s a fun way to pass the time and enhance your beauty.

9. Create a wishlist

Holiday makeup is the best makeup. There are creative shades that come out and are fun to play with.

10. Get enough BEAUTY SLEEP

The best way to look beautiful is by getting enough sleep. Use that extra hour to take a nap and get beautiful the natural way.

The best way to stay beautiful year round is by always getting a sufficient amount of sleep, exercising often, practicing a healthy diet and keeping the body hydrated. When the body is taken care of from the inside out, it will show in hair, nail and skin health. Eating well can improve a complex and will shape up a physique. Sleeping enough will also contribute to weight loss because the person will not overeat due to fatigue.

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