10 Curious Facts About Kissing

Facts About Kissing

Humans have been tangling tongues for as long as they’ve walked the earth. Here are some amazing facts about kissing that you probably didn’t know!

1. The Word Kiss Is Based on a Sound

The word kiss is said to be derived from the Germanic word kuss, which imitates the smacking sound of two lips meeting. In other circles, kiss is said to be derived from the old English word cyssan. In Japanese the word for kiss is also a sound (kisu), but the French refer to a kiss as “baiser.”

2. Not Everybody Likes to Lock Lips

Some cultures simply don’t kiss! In most cultures kissing does not have a practical purpose. Kissing in public is deemed taboo in many Asian cultures, and French kissing was originally a slur on the French — people thought they thought about sex too much!

3. Kissing Calms You Down

When you lock lips, the brain lights up like a city block, releasing a flood of chemicals throughout the body. This heavy duty hormone cocktail that triggers affection and cements attraction. In men, this encourages testosterone to build up to promote feelings of protectiveness. In women, the chemical compound encourages bonding.