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Fad diets come and go, some backed by celebrities, and some that are just plain weird, but how can you tell which diets really work? Whatever diet you follow, you still need to get the nutrients that your body needs to function to properly, so you should only try the diet plans that don’t seem too extreme. Some of these diets, though, have stood the test of time and been proven to be very effective and the best recommendation for a plan will be the honest recommendations from people who have actually tried it. We would suggest that you are wary of any diet claims that seem to be too good to be true and check out these ten diets that really do work. If you have any current medical conditions, you should check with your doctor first before starting on any diet plan.

1. South Beach diet

There are some pretty big claims made by the South Beach Diet, but it is based upon sound dietary common sense. The South Beach Diet works by replacing the bad fats and carbs with good ones. It’s a three phase diet that begins with eliminating all carbs from your diet and then gradually increasing them. The plan claims that you can lose between eight and thirteen pounds in the first two weeks, but that will depend on what you are when you start the diet.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE