10 Effective Ways to Lose Weight


3. Cardio

Increase Cardio. Make a new playlist and incorporate more cardio into your weekly exercise routine. If you participate in it 22 minutes every day, you have the ability to lose a pound a week. By pushing your limits within those 20 minutes you will release bodily endorphins which also improve your mood.

4. Water

I cannot stress the importance of water. Drink water before and during your meal – an extremely effective tip is chugging water when you are really hungry. You will keep yourself from over eating because you will feel full much faster. At times, we will even mistake hunger for thirst. Hydrate yourself all day, every day and you will shed pounds.

5. Travelling

Don’t travel or go to a party without bringing something healthy. In case no one else is on a diet – at least you were the one who was prepared and committed.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE