10 Exercises for Toning the Thighs


1. Squats and Lunges

To do squats, you would stand with your feet a few inches apart and then you would slowly move up and down while keeping the feet apart. Repeat this exercise a few times a week. To do lunges, you would stand with the feet together and then you would place one leg in the front and bend it, while stretching the back leg straight without bending.

2. Cardio Workouts

When you do cardio workouts, you burn calories and fat, which leads to toner thighs. You can buy a few exercise DVDs to workout with or you can do other forms of cardio such as walking, running, swimming, dancing or roller skating. You should do thirty minutes of cardio three to four times a week.






3. Jumproping and Climbing Stairs

Two great ways to tone your thighs is to jumprope and climb the stairs or run up and down the stairs in the home because these exercises focus on the thighs, glutes and hamstrings more than other parts of the body. Stair climbing in particular is a type of plyometrics workouts and other kinds of plyometrics include box jumping and planks.


Image Source: meetyourbootcamp

4. Leg Extensions

To do leg extensions, you should lie on your back and then you would raise each leg in a 45 degree angle and high in the air. Keep the leg in the air for ten to fifteen minutes and then repeat with the next leg. You can also sit in the chair and do leg extensions.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE