10 Foods Models are Eating



Models are known for looking thin and for the graciousness they exhibit as they walk on the runway at fashion shows. This is not to say that all models barely eat anything in order to maintain their figures although there have been cases of anorexia among models. For the most part models are not turning to unhealthy foods and gimmicky diet fads in order to keep their energy levels up  during the day. Here are a few of the main foods that models eat and how you can incorporate these foods into your diet.

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Foods Models are Eating
Foods Models are Eating

Image Source: skinnygossip

1.      No Carbs

Models do not consume loads of carbohydrates because they realize that these foods contain high amounts of calories and sugars, which easily turn to fat in the body that will be hard to get rid of. However, some models will eat carbs but only in very small amounts so that they can maintain a healthy weight. If you want to shed excess pounds, cut back on the carbs.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE