“Hey! That waiter sounded just like Al Pacino!”

“Oh my gosh! That woman just then sounded like Meryl Streep! This is amazing! Someone record this stuff!”

It’s like we’ve just strayed onto a Hollywood movie set.

The Friendliness

Tourists always appreciate friendliness. There is nothing more daunting than visiting a different country and being treated like you’re an alien.

“Excuse me sir, could you tell me where …”

“Go to Hell.”

Not cool.

Fortunately, American’s all seem to be really friendly. If you ask anyone for directions, they’ll stop to help.

Literally Everything Is In America

America is so big and each state is so different to one another that literally everything you want to do is here.

You can spend a few days on Venice Beach getting a tan before enjoying the snow in Wisconsin.

You can live in the desert of Arizona for a few days before staying in a metropolis.

You can party in New Orleans, sit by the Mississippi, catch a baseball game, go gambling in Las Vegas … everything is here.


RV’s seem to be very much an American thing. I’m not 100% sure that they are, but they seem to be. You see them in American movies and they look amazing.

In the UK, we don’t really have RV’s – we have tiny caravans with small windows. After spending 3 nights in there, a large family is never the same ever again.

RV’s, though, are made for the kind of long stretches of road you find in America. And we tourists just love the idea of getting in one and travelling from the east coast to the west. You’re a real king of the road. You’ve got ultimate freedom.

There Is So Much Convenience

Fancy going to a diner at 2am for some waffles? You can do that.

Fancy going to the pharmacy for some drugs to stop your rash from getting out of control? You can do that, too.

America was the nation that created the fast-food industry. They know that people like to have things on tap. Whatever you want and whenever you want it, they’ve got your back.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE