10 Make Up Tips for Improving Your Look in Pictures


Most ladies always want to know how to look good in pictures, so that they would not face any embarrassment, for instance, when their pictures are tagged in on a social networking site like Facebook. These are the 10 tips which can help a professional or novice photographer when taking pictures.

1. Use Mattes

The first thing is that you should consider using mattes because they are flat colors, which means they do not have any shimmer or sparkle. Anything which makes light to be reflected on your face should be avoided. For instance, the added shimmer and the camera flash will make your face to appear as if oil was poured on the face, thus blurring your real beauty.

2. Apply in Natural Light

Your make up should be applied in natural light, as your appearance can easily be altered by indoor lighting. You also not apply the makeup under any light you see. That would prevent the kind of embarrassment faced when you thought you had done the right makeup before leaving the house, only to discover after stepping out that you did not look good in the pictures taken.

3. Use Yellow Tinted Powder

Instead of using shimmery or translucent powders for your pictures, you should go for yellow tinted powder. The shimmery or translucent ones make light to be reflected, in addition to looking washed out in the pictures.

4. Use Eye Concealer for Blending

Most women use at least a little concealer in covering dark circles under their eyes. This is a good thing for everyday use, but might not be good for pictures, as the eye concealer generates a harsh. You should use a well-blended concealer to prevent revealing awkward coloring and fine lines around your eye.


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