10 Makeup Myths


Myth 3: Pale Face Requires Darker Tone of Powder
True if used correctly. Dark powder should not be applied all over your face. Bronzing powder, that gives the skin sun-kissed glow, should be only applied to certain parts of your face (along the hairline, to the chin, and cheekbones). Don’t forget that you need to choose a bronzer according to your skin tone so it wouldn’t go wrong – looking like contrast spots on your face.

Makeup Myths

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Myth 4: Eye Shadow Should Match Your Eye Color
You can use any eye shadow that you like, but your eyes would look the most expressive and vibrant if you apply the eye shadow that doesn’t match your iris, but rather contrasts with it. Famous make up artist Robert Jones recommends using warm hues of brown and gold colors for blue eyes, purple and peach colors for green eyes, blue and plum colors for brown eyes, and cold hues of brown and purple colors for grey eyes.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE