10 Makeup Myths


Myth 5: Color of Your Eyebrows Should Be 2 Shades Darker than Your Hair Color
That’s true if you have blonde hair. With dark brown or black hair having dark eyebrows can make your face look rough, so it’s actually better to make the eyebrows 2 shades lightes than your hair. Jeanine Lobell, the makeup artist of Natalie Portman, recomends to use a lighter shade from begin of your eyebrow to the point of arch and a darker one on the end of the eyebrow.

Makeup Myths

Image Source: diycraftproject

Myth 6: Blush Can be Used as Eye Shadow
A top makeup artist Bobbi Brown strongly objects that: most blushes contain a pink pigment that will add redness to your eyes and make your eyelids look swollen.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE