10 Makeup Myths


Myth 9: To Make Lips Look Visually Bigger You Need to Draw a Contur Outside Your Lip Line
In fact, this method usually looks good on pictures, but in real life lips, that were made bigger this way, would look unnatural. Try other tips used by professionals: apply light shiny shadow to the curve of your upper lip (so called “Cupid’s bow”) and add light gloss to the center of your lower lip. Thanks to play of light your lips will look bigger.

Myth 10: Dark Liner in Combination with Light Lipstick Will Make Your Lips Look Fuller
Sonia Kashuk, the favourite makeup artist of Cindy Crawford, insists that such combination should not be used, since it creates the effect of an “inflatable doll”. She thinks that a lipstick that matches the hue of your lips and carefully blended contours of the same color would work much better.