10 Makeup Tips for Having Improved Looks in Pictures



1. Stay Away from Shiny Makeup

If you want to look amazing in pictures, you want to stay away from glittery and other makeup that has a lot of shine in it because this causes the sunlight to appear brighter on your face than necessary. It is better to wear matte makeup that still looks gorgeous with your skin tone and eyr color.

2. Don’t Forget Concealer

This is important in taking pictures because when you wear concealer under the eyes, you hide the dark circles and puffiness that would ruin your picture. Look for a concealer that has a yellowish or brownish tone since this blends in the best with your skin.





3. Black Mascara Is The Way To Go

Another way to improve your look in pictures is to wear black mascara because it adds a dramatic effect to your look overall. If you do not like black mascara, a navy or dark brown mascara would also work.

4. Use Blush and Lipstick

When you apply blush and lipstick, you look more attractive in photos and this makes for better pictures. Be sure you choose a blush that best matches your skin tone and that is not too loud in color.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE