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When your skin doesn’t look so great, it generally follows that you don’t feel so great. Not only does your confidence suffer as a result of you looking older than you actually are, but you might feel tired, stressed, and even weak and as though you’re constantly ill.

This is because the rule of thumb is that if your skin is in poor condition, it’s usually reflecting what’s going on inside you. Ergo, if your internal health is not great, your skin will follow suit.

Young, glowing skin, then, is a great indicator that your internal health and wellbeing is fantastic. Once your skin starts to clear up and starts looking young again, you can almost guarantee that you’ll start to feel young and healthy again.

To slow down the ageing process and get your amazing skin back, let’s take a look at 10 must know tips for younger looking skin.

Stay Properly Hydrated

The human body on average is composed of between 50 – 70% water. That’s a lot of H20, and what it means is that your body relies on water to stay in tip top condition. It wants as much water as you can give it!

The problem is that far too few of us get enough water each day, neither through our food or our drink. But if you want your body – and particularly your skin – to always be at it best, you need to consume more water.

Water keeps your skin cells hydrated, smooth, elastic and toned. If you drink a lot of coffee, it’s time to swap this notorious diuretic (basically, coffee will leave you dehydrated) for glasses of water.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE