10 Popular Ways of Using Coconut for Beauty


Coconut oil is good, and those who love natural products know this. There are lots of ways through which you can use this amazing oil, because it is rich in vitamins, in addition to having antiseptic, nourishing, antibacterial and healing properties.


These are the top 10 ways of using coconut oil for beauty:


1) Coconut Oil is Good for Hair

You can put a few drops of coconut oil on your hair while it is wet in addition to the shampoo and conditioner because this oil conditions your hair and makes your hair smell great. If you have a dry and flaky scalp or fungus in the hair, coconut oil can relieve this.

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2) Coconut oil can help treat candida infection.

Candida is a fungal infection with symptoms such as itchy skin, constant coughing, sinus infection, and stomach cramps in addition to minor skin infections. Coconut oil is useful in treating candida is because it has anti-fungal ingredients such as caprylic acid, capric acid and lauric acid. Capric acid in particular is the most effective of the acids found in coconut oil.

3) Hand cream. 

Coconut oil can be used as a hand cream. To do this, you should rub it on your nails and hands (no nail polish should be used). The oil then soaks into your skin, cuticles and nails, making them to be stronger and healthier.


4)Coconut Oil Relieves Dark Age Spots


Because coconut oil is good for reducing signs of aging, you can use it to get rid of age spots on the face. Just take a few drops of the oil and put it on the age spots every night before going to bed.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE