10 Reasons to be Proud you’re a Woman



Women are very gentle creatures, but if you betray and hurt them, it is better not to engage with them because they are dangerous. Here we give you 10 reasons to be proud that you were born a woman.

1) A woman is the most perfect creature because she gives life. The mother is a symbol of wisdom, love and tenderness that gives your child maternal affection. For a mother, there is nothing more important than her child, and she loves her child to the end.

2) Women have a highly developed intuition. Woman can anticipate something wrong even before it has happened. This well-developed intuition is not accidental, but is strongly embedded in us. We are the ones that balance men and show them the right path.

Proud you're a Woman
Proud you’re a Woman

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3) She is gentle and graceful. A woman is a beautiful creature who gives love and affection when she feels loved.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE