10 Signs of a Nervous Breakdown


If you’ve ever wondered what the signs of a nervous breakdown are, here is guest contributor Anna Kaminsky with an enlightening list.

Put simply, a nervous breakdown occurs when an individual temporarily loses control over his/her actions and therefore cannot participate in everyday activities. A threshold of utter exhaustion or helplessness is reached when a person is subjected to continuous anxiety. When this threshold is surpassed, a person experiences a nervous breakdown.

Psychiatrists, however, found this term unsuited for this mental state. As a result, this broad term gave way to narrower and more precise constructs such as acute psychotic breaks or schizophrenic episodes and panic attacks – finally forming the most applicative one – an episode of Major Depressive Disorder. The former three constructs portray manic breaks and paranoia. The latter construct represents a situation where an individual does not find interest in almost any activity and suffers from weariness without enduring any such physical wear and tear.

After a stressful routine, a person only needs a slight push to mentally breakdown. It could be a bad day at work, a rainy day, a flat tire or a cake gone wrong. It is usually the last straw that pushes people over the edge. As simple as it may seem, it is best to verify a nervous breakdown by checking the following signs:


You have trouble focusing. Everyone goes through a period where they fail to pay attention to pending matters. However, if this inattention is prolonged and unexplainable, it poses questions about your mental status.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE