10 Skincare Mistakes That Are Making Your Acne Worse


We all want to have glow-y, clear, zit-free skin,but you may not realize that some seemingly harmless habits could actually be sabotaging your skin and making you break out. Here are the most common skincare mistakes when caring for acne-prone skin — and what to do instead.

1.The mistake: Roughly cleansing acne-prone skin.

Using harsh, abrasive products or tools (such as a loofah) can actually cause you to breakout more! According to Dr. Warren Shapiro, Senior Vice President of Research and Development at Neutrogena, overscrubbing and using harsh scrubs can irritate your skin and make it harder for acne to clear and heal.

The solution: Stay away from abrasive cleansers and scrubbing tools. Use a gentle exfoliator a few times a week, and if you’re afraid of being too rough with your hands, try an exfoliating brush, which works to clean pores without irritating your skin.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE