If you ever looked in the mirror and thought your face looked a bit too long, fat, or angular, then there’s no need to start looking for a good cosmetic surgeon, because you can the shape of your face easily, if you just know a few makeup tricks. Contouring and highlighting is simply using makeup to create light and shade and, with a bit of practice, you can use contouring techniques to great effect. By using a matte foundation that is two shades darker than your skin to create shadow, and highlighter that is two shades lighter, to emphasise light; you can totally transform the overall shape of your face. First of all, though, you need to understand what the shape of your face is and where to apply light and dark to change it. Here are ten contour makeup tips on how to decide what shape of face you have and how you can change it with makeup.

1. Contour makeup tips for heart shaped face

None of us our perfect and each one of faces is unique, but the purpose of contouring is to highlight the features of the ace that you like and to balance out your features so that your face looks more symmetrical. If you have a heart shaped face, for example, then your cheeks will be wider than your hairline and your chin is quite narrow and pointed. To balance the overall shape your face, you can contour down the side of your face from the temples, to the middle of your cheeks, which would have the effect of narrowing the upper part of your face. If you contour the end of your chin and highlight the middle, it will make the chin look broader and less pointed.

2. Contour makeup tips for square shaped face

If you have a square shaped face, which will mean that the width of your face is just about the same as the length and your jawline and hairline are about the same width, then you can use contouring to create a shapelier silhouette. Contouring your temples and the sides of your forehead will slim down the width of your head and highlighting the centre of your forehead will create more shape. Highlighting under your eyes and contouring your cheekbones will slim down the middle section of your face and you can give your chin more shape by contouring your jaw line and highlighting the end of your chin.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE