10 Songs You Need in Your Workout Mix


Music is what can keep you moving even when you want to quit. This list of songs should keep you focused and keep you interested in your workout. Sprinkle them through your own mix or build a whole new one, just consider these songs when you are going for your next big workout.

1. Eiffel 65 Move Your Body

Catchy and fun, this song is a good warm up song. The words even give you the motivation to get psyched and start playing. It is so much fun when you begin your workout from a fun, light place.

2. Cazzette Beam Me Up

A great pace song it is pushy but not too pushy.


 It gives you moments of encouragement with “don’t look down” and “don’t stop now” in order to push your form and keep you focused. This little ditty will keep you going.

3. Inna Wow

The lyrics and the beat of this song will get you going faster. You might even find yourself trying to sing which helps you work on your breathing. It is a true motivator and one that will help you keep up with the challenge.

4. Will.I.Am with MichJagger Go Home By

“Go hard or go home,” what more would you need in the motivation market? This one will keep you pushing yourself even when you are starting to feel like you want to slow down. This is a great song to get you back in it if you are taking small mini-breaks.