10 Steps to Apply Body Make-up



The applying of body make-up is not an easy task. Let’s not forget that it differentiate from the facial make-up. However, you should not worry about the hard task ahead. because with little practice you will improve quickly and you can even become a master in body make-up applying.

If you want to apply the body make-up properly and if you are looking for amazing results, follow the instructions below. They will help you achieve the desired success.

Step One




Firstly, you have to purchase body make-up in your preferred shade. It is strongly recommended to buy one shade lighter and one shade darker body make-up. And that is not all. You have to get translucent, shimmery or powder. With this items in your shopping bag you can come back home and start the challenging task.

Step Two

Before the applying of the body make-up you need to exfoliate, moisturize and let set till dry.

Step Three

If you have this step done, you can start with the body make-up applying.
You have to apply it in your shade. If you want it as more of a tint, mix the make up with the lotion in the step above.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE