10 Things that Make Men Feel Insecure on a First Date



Do not worry, because men also stand for hours in front of the mirror thinking about their appearance.

Ladies, did you know that if we prepare 2-3-4 hours for a first date, and wonder how to look more attractive, in the heads of men turn up thousands of questions that make them feel insecure and uncertain. Here are ten things that worry men the most, starting with the fact that they are standing in front of her mirror, resolving dilemmas about their appearance.


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1. Men, just like the women, feel insecure about their appearance. How are they supposed to explain to women that their hair usually looks a lot better than it does now? Or wonder and worry about how she will like them more – with slight stubble, which they consider to be sexy or smoothly shaved?
2. Men admit that in most cases they do not do well with the iron. They worry that the folds of their shirt do not make the best impression, and women are observant. His hope is that the lighting in the restaurant is not the best.
3. They fear that the woman is beyond their rank; especially if she starts explaining what doctoral degrees she acquired in the past and that she has been a model enjoying a good reputation. In similar situations he often feels insecure.
4. Not all men have a well-paid job, but this does not mean that they shouldn’t take the lady to a nice restaurant. What bothers the man most in such cases is the bill, or that she will order the most expensive wine in the restaurant and he will not be able to pay for it.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE