10 Things to do to Have a Great Day



There is no easy way to make your life simple, but there are some things you can do when you first wake up to make sure you have a great day. Instead of setting yourself up for failure, take the time to change your habits to help you have a more fun, restful and fulfilling life.

1. Get up On Time

Seems like a no brainer, but the snooze button always calls your name. You are not getting quality sleep once you have woken up and you are just wasting time.

It might suck to get out of bed but doing so will start you day off much more positively.

2. Drink Water, Right Away

You have just gone eight hours or so without a drink and your body desperately needs it. Even if you aren’t thirsty, force a glass of water down your throat. It kick starts your metabolism and helps to put the balance into your day right away.


 3. Let the Sunshine In

Let the sun wake you up. Sleep with your blinds open and see what a difference it makes to wake with the sun. You may still need your alarm, but your body will more naturally wake when exposed to the sunshine and the normal order of things. Darkness makes it difficult to wake.

4. Healthy Breakfast

Take on a healthy breakfast. It doesn’t have to be large and it doesn’t have to be elaborate, but it needs to be something. A bit of fruit or yogurt helps to get your body going. It makes for a nice beginning and helps your digestive tract start up after dormancy.

5. Entertainment

Give yourself a little fun. Whether it is reading a chapter of your book, watching the news or a TV program from the night before, give yourself something to wake up to. The stimulation gets your brain going and allows you to wake up at your own pace.
6. Get Some Exercise

You might not have a ton of time in the morning, but try and fit in 20 minutes of exercise or even 10. This gets the circulation going and helps set the tone for the day. You will often find this even makes coffee less necessary.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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