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If you have persistently dry hair, it can be a real problem. Dry hair is simply a lack of natural oils in the hair and some people are genetically more prone to it than others are. Dry hair makes your hair look lifeless and unhealthy, and it can also lead to breakage and hair loss, so, if your hair is always dry, you really should do something about it. Taking good care for your hair and eating healthy diet will help and you can, of course, buy over-the-counter-conditioners to treat dry hair. There are also lots of very effective natural ways that you can treat dry hair. Here are ten useful tips on how to fix dry hair problem in no time.

1. Use fewer products

Could your dry hair be being caused by overuse of styling products? Hairspray is probably the worst product for drying out hair, but mousses contain ingredients that will suck the moisture out of your hair too. It might even be that you only need hairspray every day because your hair is so dry, and it’s only so dry because you use so much hairspray. Try taking a complete break from styling products for a few days and see if the condition of your hair improves.

2. Use less heat

It could also be that you are drying out your hair by using too much heat on your hair. When you shampoo your hair, use lukewarm water, rather than scolding hot water, because very hot water will strip the natural oils out of your hair. Leave your hair to dry naturally in the air and, whenever you can, don’t use any heated tools to style your hair. Heat, of any kind, whether from hot water or heated tools, will dry out your hair even more.

3. Don’t shampoo your hair every day

This is another good tip on how to fix dry hair. Your hair really doesn’t need washing every single day, so skip a day and shampoo it every other day, or even better – every three days. If you really don’t like the idea of not washing your hair at all, try just skipping the shampoo and use conditioner only. If you have dry hair, then you probably will need to condition it every day, but over-washing it will only make it even dryer.