Don’t Think About The Future

What will be will be. Right?


But so many of us think we can change the future by obsessing over it. We think about it all day and all night, and it stops us from actually living our lives and enjoying anything.

Each time you start to think about the future, snap out of it and focus on the present. You could do something to take your mind off your thoughts by counting pennies or blasting out your music.

Do whatever it takes to bring yourself back to the moment.

Forgive People In Your Past

As well as thinking ahead to the future, looking back on the past with resentment, bitterness and regret also stops you from living in the moment.

So take some tim to forgive those who have hurt and crossed you in the past, and move on. If you don’t move on, a part of you will always be stuck where it shouldn’t be – and this will affect your mood for the worse.

Cut Down Your To-Do List

Some people live really hectic lives. They might spend the morning making breakfast for their family, before meeting a friend for lunch. Then it’s off to the ball game before quickly phoning a client. Then it’s time to do some voluntary work in the evening before heading to a bar to do some networking.

They don’t stop at bedtime either. Instead of getting some much-needed rest, they fire off some emails and make more calls.

Filling your day with tasks sure keeps you on your toes, but it stops you from enjoying life. Instead of saying yes to everything, cut yourself some slack and trim down your to-do list.

Be Kind To Others

Each week, perform a few random acts of kindness that help others. You’ll be amazed at how much more attention you give to other people, and how their plight (and helping their plight) helps you to live in the moment.

Spend A Few Minutes Each Day Doing Nothing

If the idea of doing nothing at all disturbs you, you really need to slow things down and take some much-needed time-out.

Sitting in silence and doing nothing at all is the best way to practice mindfulness. As you sit, you will become aware of your thoughts. But don’t focus on them, and don’t try to think up new ones. Instead, just be aware of them and wait for them to pass through you.

Focus on your breathing. Let your thoughts drift in and out in the ebb and flow of consciousness.

Especially if you’re a worrier like I was, practicing mindfulness like this is a great way of acknowledging your anxious thoughts, before letting them pass through you.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE