10 Unusual Household Tips



1.Ice Cubes Made of Aloe Vera Juice

Aloe vera is one of the top medicinal herbs and this plant does a great job of healing minor cuts and scrapes as well as insect bites and burns. All you have to do is pour aloe vera juice into ice trays and freeze for a few hours.

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2.Bottled Pancake Batter

If you hate to make messes in the kitchen when making pancakes, you can take the pancake batter and pour it into a medium-sized bottle so you can pour the batter out of the bottle whenever you want to prepare pancakes. This is better than having a big bowl of leftover batter that can spill in the refrigerator.

Unusual Household Tips
Unusual Household Tips

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3.Perfumed Cardboard Air Freshener

If you want your bathroom to smell fresh every day, you can spray perfume on the cardboard tube of your toilet tissue so each time you unroll tissue, the scent fills the bathroom. You can also apply tiny drops of essential oils on the cardboard.

4.Potato Peeler for Other Vegetables

For those who think the potato peeler is just for peeling potatoes, this is not true. Take your potato peeler and start peeling your other vegetables and even some fruits. You can also peel off price stickers off of gifts you purchased and you can peel off the original labels of products.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE