10 Various ways that can help you to look good in Photos


1. Take care to keep the focus of your eyes not on the camera lens but slightly above that.

Also it would be better to move the face a bit forward and your chin down

 2.Try to relax your face by placing your tongue behind the teeth before smiling.It will relax your face.

 3.  You need to place your hands by the side. 

But make sure that the hands are not too close to the body. For natural look they should be slightly awa

4. You can try various clothings and check by standing against a white wall.

In the light source that is naturally you will get to know the best color for you.

 5. A popular rule for good photos say that patterns of any type should be avoided.

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6. While photography, every element gets exaggerated and this is the reason why we need to apply less makeup.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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