10 Ways of Eliminating Under Eyes Dark Circles


Under eyes dark circles can appear for many reasons, some of which are lack of water, sleep and vitamins. In most cases, when people try to solve the problem, they use correctors, concealers and foundation. These are items which do not provide long-term results.
These are some of the ways of eliminating under eyes circles.

 1) Cucumber.

It’s very easy to find this watery vegetable in the supermarket during any season of the year.
Apply thin circles of cucumber over your eyes (you can also apply a cucumber paste instead) and keep it on for 10 minutes, then, rinse off with cold water. Not only cucumber has big amount of the “water of life” which will help to hydrate and tone your skin, but also cucumber can whiten the eye area, so that you can say good bye to the dark circles permanently.

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2) Potato.

You can use a potato circles for the same purpose (or mix a cucumber and a potato paste together). Use it applying the same principle as described above. This treatment is all natural and very effective in treating under eyes dark circles.

3) Eye Cream With Retinol and Vitamin K.

Because Retinol is derived from vitamin A and because vitamin K is a good ingredient in tightening the bags and circles under your eyes, an eye cream with these vitamins is a good remedy.


4) Drink Plenty of Water. A common reason for the development of circles under the eyes is dehydration so the best remedy is to drink six to eight glasses of water with lemon juice each day and two more glasses of water before bedtime.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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