10 Ways to Strengthen Your Marriage


3. SEX

Ah, yes, the “S” word. Sex! Sex is very important in a marriage! Studies show that sex releases hormones that decrease stress, enlighten mood, and increase happiness! Who would’ve thought? Sex is a special bond between a couple that not only shows #affection, but it’s the time that you dedicate to one another and please one another. Studies also show that sex not only strengthens your marriage in the bedroom but outside the bedroom as well. Now, I’m not saying do the deed all day, every day. But, do it when your #body tells you– whether it’s a spontaneous quickie or a planned romantic night in. Do it with passion! You won’t be sorry!


This is one of the top things on my list of strengthening a marriage! I firmly believe in praying together as a couple. Study the bible; find a common prayer to do together. Work and keep God or Christ in sight. Focus on problems or things you want to work on in your marriage and pray about it. Know that God is there to help you even if, at times, it may not seem like it. Push through the struggles, focus on God, and remind yourself the reason you got married in the #beginning. And remember the love you have for one another.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE