10 Worst Foods to Eat When You Want To Lose Weight


10 Worst Foods To Avoid When Dieting

You have to think of so many things when you are dieting that it tends to get overwhelming. Many times, when people fall off the diet wagon it is simply because there is too much planning and too much to do. If you can think of these simple things and stick to lots of veggies, you will likely be successful in your dieting endeavors. It is all about moderation and being practical. Don’t starve yourself but think about what you are eating. Avoid these 10 worst foods when you want to lose weight.

1. White Bread

Any other bread is fine. Yes, low carb is a craze, but white bread is absolutely the worst. Your body treats it like sugar and you will be hungry again before you know it.

2. Sugary Cereal

Sugar is also on the list of 10 worst foods -not only gives you the sugar crash but it makes you hungry again. Your body craves the sudden upswing in energy and you will find you are fighting even more to stay on track with your diet.

3. Whole Milk/Cream

Find alternatives. Yes, it tastes good but the added fat you are putting in your body for a small amount of fun is just not worth it. Consider flavored soy milks or rice milk instead. Great for coffee! .

4. Vegetable Oil

Yes it is better than animal fat but it is still very high in fat. Try to avoid vegetable oil and other oils in your food. A little olive oil is great now and then but baking things is usually better. Baked meats rather than fried are heart healthy and good for the waistline.

5. 100% Fruit Juice

Fruit is good for you but fruit juice is often not. Read the label carefully to make sure you are not getting a bunch of additives. In addition, don’t over drink it because it is still high in calories.

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6. Potatoes

Potatoes themselves are not bad. What you put on potatoes, bad. Sour cream, butter, cheese, these are fatty foods. Try doing plain baked potatoes with salsa or veggies and you will have a filling meal that is not high in calories.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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