11 Magical Ways to Be Charming


It was a bit of a challenge for me to narrow down my ways to be charming list for you ladies because it’s a quality that I’ve become familiar with. The truth is, all of the tips on this list could really be summed up into learning to be authentically you without caring about what others think but respecting them and treating them as a friend at the same time. It’s a fine line that is more than exciting to walk. Once I mastered these ways to be charming I tucked them away in my heart and have been able to make friends (or at least hold an interesting conversation) no matter where I go.


One of my favorite ways to be charming is to show interest in others. When you show genuine interest in others you can’t help but to be thoughtful. If small talk doesn’t come easy to you, the next time you have a conversation with someone and they bring any subject up just ask a specific question connected to the topic. You could ask them how they became interested in the subject. If the conversation hasn’t started you could take a moment to observe them and ask a question about an item of jewelry or a book in their hand. If you’re fortunate enough to have people open up to you without much initiation, listen to what they actually say and be thoughtful in your response.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE