11 Things that Never Cease to Amaze Men


1. Very long nails
a. They laugh at our hysteria about broken nails or how we attentively grow them to perfection, yet they secretly admire it.

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2. Plucking eyebrows
a. 68% of young people believe that girls endure the worst pain when plucking eyebrows. Men portray reasonable intolerance to acute pain. The eyebrow area is the spot where men have sharper pain receptors that transmit minor annoyances, rather than major, hurting blows.

Amaze Men
Amaze Men

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3. Bottomless purse
a. Even in the tiniest handbag, we can fit a cell phone, keys, wallet, lipstick, comb, mirror, magazine, photographs, and spare tights. This makes guys seriously think about our magical abilities when we take out mountains of clothing that are twice the size of our actual bag!

4. Opening the mouth when painting our eyes
a. This remains a mystery to 78% of boys. Only 22% have a confident answer: “It’s more convenient.” When we open our mouth, the skin is stretched, and the eyes become wider.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE