11 Tips For A Happy Relationship



1. Leave your past behind.
It’s important to truly get a fresh start when starting a new relationship. It is the only way you can be fully happy with your new significant other. Don’t ever compare your current partner to your exes.

2. Happiness comes from within
Happiness doesn’t come from something you do, achieve, or own. No amount of money or clothes will make you happy until you choose to be happy with your life.

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3. Trust and communication
You have to be able to discuss everything that concerns you with your partner, whether it’s sex, future plans or any doubts you may have. Trust is very important. Don’t just trust your partner – be worthy of his trust.

4. There’s ‘me’, there’s ‘him’, and there’s ‘us’
You’re not just somebody’s wife or husband, you’re an individual. It’s important not to forget to do certain things just for yourself. However, you do need to be able to enjoy doing things together. After all, you did choose to spend your life together. So find the balance between ‘me’ and ‘us’.

5. Relationship comes first
A romantic relationship is the strongest bond between two people. Your kids will grow up and leave the nest, friends come and go, and times change. Women who put kids as their first priority have a hard time letting them go, grow up and be independent. You have to understand that one day, your kids will have their own life. That’s why your marriage should come first.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE