11 Tips To Relieve Acid Problems



Acid Reflux Disease, too much acidy or just an attack of acid can be very uncomfortable and even painful. Acid Reflux Disease is more serious and should be attended to by a doctor. However, there are some ways to combat and relive acidy problems.
1. A lot of people think that by drinking a soda or some other carbonated drink will help them get rid of the acid. This is not true as it actually adds to it. Instead, opt for drinks (natural drinks) that have lemon in them. Or, you can have a glass of water and squeeze a half lemon into it.


2. Coconuts are good for acid problems. Make sure you choose a green and tender one to drink the juice from. Keep in mind, though, that coconuts are high in fat so you do not want to drink them too quickly. Drinking a green and tender coconut too fast can cause nausea.

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3. Milk is another natural aid when it comes to relieving acid problems. To help with your diet and weight control, try to drink light milk instead of full milk.


4. Mint leaves, steeped and drunk when warm will help reduce as well as prevent acid problems if taken before a meal. Use about 6 mint leaves and steep them in a covered sauce pan for five or so minutes. Strain the leaves out of the liquid and drink while warm – not hot.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE