11 Ways of Maintaining Your Slimness



So you lost a lot of weight recently and you want to do everything you can to keep the excess pounds off. It is possible to have a slim figure for many years after a weight loss with the following steps.

1. You want to cut out the high calories cakes, candies and pies because these contain plenty of calories. Substitute these desserts with fruits and nuts.



2. Do not get seconds of your favorite meals and eat meals in smaller amounts during the day because when you do this you are able to burn more calories and boost metabolism.
3. Exercise daily because it helps you keep the weight off. Switch up your exercise routine every few days to curb boredom in the workout.
4. Do not eat big meals after 7 p.m. because when you eat late at night, it becomes easier for the calories to build up in your body, leading to weight gain once more. If you feel hungry at night, eat a piece of fruit or a salad.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE