11 Ways of Curing Dandruff or Epidermis Naturally





Dandruff is an irritating and annoying condition where flakes appear in your hair’s scalp and it becomes difficult to wear dark colored clothing because the flakes constantly get on your clothes, causing embarrassment when you are out in public. Here is how you can eliminate dandruff naturally.

1. Do not use strong shampoos because they can make your hair to go dry. Baby hair shampoo is better.

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2. It is still OK to use hair products to style your hair, but you should not use these in excess because it causes dirt and oil buildup in your hair, leading to the appearance of dandruff in your hair. You can substitute greasy hair products for healthier remedies such as essential oils, yogurt, baking soda paste and a combination of apple cider vinegar and water.

3. Sesame oil should be used to massage scalp a few hours before sleeping at night. This prevents dry epidermis and controls hair thinning.

4. Zinc is an important mineral for the scalp because it eliminates the bacteria from the inside of your scalp and it leaves you dandruff free. You can take zinc supplements, eat foods high in zinc such as certain vegetables and wash your hair with zinc-fortified shampoo and conditioner.


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