11 Ways of Maintaining Your Slimness



Staying slim after a major weight loss is hard at times because you may live a hectic lifestyle and you get tempted to eat the same delicious but unhealthy foods in excess such as processed baked goods and fast food. On some days you may not feel like exercising but it is worth the discomfort when you are able to wear clothes in smaller sizes. Here are tips on how you can stay slim after losing many pounds.

1. Instead of dessert, learn some fruit salads’ recipes and eat them. They are healthy and very tasty.







2. Eating the right foods help you stay slim after weight loss but if you do not eat in smaller portions, you will only regain the weight you just lost. Instead of eating a large breakfast of scrambled eggs, turkey sausage and fruits, eat a small plate of scrambled eggs with two turkey sausage links. For lunch you can eat a small bowl of tuna salad with celery, and for dinner you can eat a grilled burger and a few roasted bell peppers.

3. Write a motivating note for yourself and stick it on the fridge.

4. It is important that you get in at least thirty minutes of physical exercise a day because the more physical exercise you do, the more you will stay slim on a regular basis. If you get bored with your current exercise routine, try to switch things up a bit. If you normally do cardio workouts, go to the park and walk for an hour and the next day you can work out on the treadmill.