12 Eyeliner Styles to Accentuate and Beautify the Eye


Eyeliner defines and accents the eye in such a way as to change the appearance of its shape and to create a particular style for every woman and girl who uses it. The ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians first used black eyeliner in the early days of civilization. At that time, it was not only for beauty, but also to protect the woman from the sun and to ward off curses and evil. Things have changed since those early years. Heavy black eyeliner such as the Egyptians wore is now primarily used by young punk or goth women today. People outside the fringe fashion groups also use eyeliner every day to create a more pleasing aesthetic.

Different applications of eye makeup can be used to create the look of having larger eyes. Applying heavier lines to certain quadrants of the eye area creates different optical illusions. Eyeliner can make eyelashes seem thicker and longer as well. While some women prefer to use it just on their top lid, others use it on the lash line of both top and bottom or extend it beyond the eye rim to create different looks. Look at the imagines of different eyeliner applications above and decide which you would like to try.

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 Eyeliner Styles

A dozen different eyelines are shown above:

Classic – Begin the application of eyeliner directly above the iris and sweep it outward to create a thicker edge that comes to an upturned point.

Pin-up – Start the eyeline at the top inner corner of the eye and continue it to the opposite top corner of the lid. This creates a sensuous, wide-eyed look, reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe that is perfect for nights on the town.


Image Source: tumblr

Smooth – This simple line follows the eye lashes on the upper lid in a rounded form. It is perfect for daily wear on women who want to appear to have thicker lashes.

Simple – Similar to the smooth line, the simple application is narrower and less noticeable.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE