14 Tips for Making Your Eyes to Look Bigger




The eyes are arguably the most expressive part of your face, and that is why the distance between eyes is important. This article discusses some of the ways of making your eyes to look bigger.

1) Curling your eyes is the easiest way of making the eyes to look bigger. This is done by starting at the root and moving half-way of the lashes length and curl again.

2) Two coats of mascara should be applied on the top lashes. This makes them to look thicker, creating the lifting effect for the lids.

3) Playing with shadows. Apply a highlighter or white shimmery eyeshadow onto the inner corners of the eyes and under the brow bone.

4) Darker shadow should be used on the outer corners of the eyes (grey, black or brown). The contrast of darker and lighter colors helps to make the eyes look bigger.

5) Play with eyeliner. Depending on the technique used, the eyeliner makes the eyes to look smaller.

6) The perfect shape should be created for the eyebrows.

The frame of the face is the eyebrows. Your overall appearance can be influenced by their shape, even making your eyes to look bigger or smaller.


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