16 Tips to Applying Lipstick


4. Filler

Lipstick will last a lot longer if you use a lip liner as filler first. If you are using a light on then try a light or nude liner.

5. Gloss

The same rule applies to gloss. If you fill it up with liner first then the glass will have a primer to stick to.

6. Lightness

Make sure that if you have light lipstick, you should not use a dark liner. That looks a bit tacky.

7. Test

If you are testing lipstick don’t put it on your lips. It’s a better judgment if you put it on the back of your hand.

8. Throw

Do not throw out a lip color if you don’t like it. Blend lipsticks to find the perfect shade for your complexion.

9. Coming off

Prevent lipstick from coming off when you are drinking from a glass by licking them first. It really works.….READ MORE ON THE NEXT PAGE

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